L. Lamar Wilson
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Carolina Wren Press Poetry Series #16
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Reading Schedule:

L. Lamar Wilson headlines the inaugural Reading Queer Festival in Miami, Saturday, Aug. 30, 2014.

L. Lamar Wilson appears at the Tennessee Williams Festival in New Orleans, Saturday, March 22, 2014.

L. Lamar Wilson will be a featured reader at the Eudora Welty Writers’ Symposium, Oct. 24-26, 2013.

L. Lamar Wilson will be a featured reader at the Miami Book Fair International, Nov. 17-24, 2013.


L. Lamar Wilson reading at Cave Canem Retreat, 2011


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Sacrilegion chants new songlines of the sacred and profane, radiating legions of regions we must all negotiate together. Love, life, identity and language wrestle and riff here with pure expressive power.” —LEE ANN BROWN, Contest Judge

“Beware! Lamar Wilson’s Sacrilegion is a land of terror: ‘The man in the shack on the corner wants/to kiss you.’ Relax. Sacrilegion is the most intimate of conversations: ‘I am the what-are-you.’ Ready your mind: ‘Learn a strange language & its stranger/god.’ Pray without ceasing: ‘I am often left alone with my thoughts in my one good hand,/with this charge to keep, this god to glorify.’ Over and again, these poems ask us to be ourselves and to rightly remember whatever land we thought of as home. Then they ask us to know homelessness, alienation, (dis)ability. This is a stunning debut doing what poetry must do; or as Lamar Wilson would say, ‘Art does that to people. You get close enough to the texture of the aquamarine & see the way it smacks the waves’ crests, & man, you can’t help but melt into a puddle of when.’”

“You who are looking…holding…questioning…embracing this book should take it home with you. Let it sing you to sleep. Let it call you awake. This is your book. Claim it.” —NIKKI GIOVANNI

“In poems of great energy and sweep, I can feel Lamar Wilson coming in to his own, pushing against the limiting notions of others and developing faith in the truth and value of his existence. ‘I am not afraid of facing you, or me,/or the notion of we the people anymore. I am your darker brother./I am vast. I contain multitudes./I am the what-are-you./I am the brown, the red, the white, the sometimes blue./& I am all-American./What are you?’ These are poems of embrace and indictment that churn with the force of revelation, and their beauty, their social relevance and challenge, comes from how personal, how honest he is willing to be.”—BOB HICOK

“L. Lamar Wilson reinvents the memoir in verse with the tour de force of his Sacrilegion. With a keen eye that toggles between reverie and our hopes for the future, Wilson offers a salve for any soul that knows what it feels like to be counted out only to fight back toward resurrection. Few collections will move the spirit like this one; from its incantatory moments to those that speak in tongues, you believe, with every line, that this poet does ‘feel everything everywhere else/more than most.’”—A.VAN JORDAN

“Open the pages of Lamar Wilson’s stunning debut, Sacrilegion, and you will find ‘a different kind of holy…a sacrament for our santifunked / souls,’ where personal experience blends with the scars of collective historical injustice. Wilson’s bold poetic voice calls out hymns of acceptance in the face of racism, homophobia, (dis)ability, and illness, and his big-hearted blessings cast their light over the wider world. These poems sing with authority, and sway with hard music of the body—the broken body, the erotic body, the scarred body, the holy body—and offer up redemption through God, love, and desire. ‘O will we ever know how beautiful we are?’ Wilson asks, and by the end of Sacrilegion, the answer is a resounding yes.” —ERIKA MEITNER

“Lamar Wilson’s Sacrilegion reminds us of what we already knew: that the body is a temple and that the spirit and the flesh—in this world, at least— are inseparable. Without judgment or shame, these poems walk us through the world we so blindly inhabit, illuminating the horrors and beauties hid- den in the shadows, calling out the mysteries of desire in multiple tongues, singing praises to the divine that is here on earth as it is in heaven. Wilson’s poems are as deeply felt as they are richly textured; his careful craft carries a heady, metaphysical freight. Look for his language to lick you: to bring you pleasure and to break you open. These are living words.” —EVIE SHOCKLEY

“In a world of intent on camouflage, where hearts thump beneath thin veneer and secrets are held tight to the chest, Sacrilegion roars through and burns the landscape flat, insistent on a new beginning. These unrelenting stanzas fling open closets, rip away masks and serve up unwavering queries for a deity who accepts and oversees the chaos. This volume is a gorgeously crafted fusion of reverence, intimacy and anger, stamped with the formidable signature of a poet whose talent is beyond question.” —PATRICIA SMITH

Sacrilegion Cover Image: Copyright 2012 Rachel Eliza Griffiths. More information and images here

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  1. WELL-DESERVED, Lamar! So proud of this extraordinary accomplishment.


  2. Katti Gray says:

    Let the church say …

  3. I’m so excited for this book. Can’t wait to get my copy in the mail. :-)

  4. Vincent Johnson says:

    You have worked very hard to get to this point. I am honored to know you my friend, and wish you nothing but the best. Peace and blessings!

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  7. What a lovely gift to receive this in the mail. You have to sign my copy, Lamar! Congratulations! Here’s to all the support that you deserve for a stellar debut.

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