Listening to Mozart

Layout 1Charles Wyatt
Listening to Mozart
ISBN: 978-0-9967203-0-4
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Published by Morris Books; distributed and made available by Carolina Wren Press

Praise for Listening to Mozart


These are wonderful stories. Like their characters, who are often surprised by the forms their own impulses take, these stories have a stubborn honesty and a splendid, rocky oddity. Wyatt’s voice–with its wry wit and haunting images–builds a book that stays in the mind.

–Joan Silber

In Listening to Mozart, Charles Wyatt displays a poignant, compassionate sense of the small and large; he looks both ways, down into the meticulous details of a musician’s humble labor and up into the broad, stirring, inexplicable expanse of his life.

–Ethan Canin

I want to give all my musical and literary friends Charles Wyatt’s wonderful book. Listening to Mozart gives an intimate portrait of the musician in performance as an athlete of mind and body–and the experience of an initiation into music, the noble art which is voice transcendent. Wyatt makes language itself perform in new ways and has found a true lyric vernacular that’s charged with sexual and comedic energy. A memorable debut.

–Judith Grossman

Listening to Mozart is a touching, witty, and original book. The narrator of these wonderfully written pieces speaks with a tone of absolute credibility even when describing the most outlandish incidents and characters. Charles Wyatt’s recounting of a musician’s experiences goes beyond anything I imagined about the world of music and performance. Wyatt is a first-rate writer leading us through territory he knows well, and we couldn’t have a better ride.

–John Skoyles

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