How we promote our authors

Here are some of our younger workers helping with the recent mailing for Minnie Bruce Pratt’s Inside the Money Machine and Yvonne Murphy’s Aviaries

For every book we publish, we engage in a major marketing campaign. We send out about 40 copies of the book in bound galleys, ninety or more days before publication. When the finished book comes back from the printer, about 100 to 120 packets are sent to review bodies, ranging in size from Publisher’s Weekly and the New York Times, to medium size journals such as Book/Mark Quarterly and Parnassus: Poetry in Review, to smaller literary magazines where the author has published, as well as to numerous independent reviewers such as Michael Parker and Ron Silliman. We also send to radio stations across the nation, and make an effort to send to the local papers where the author lives. Each packet contains a copy of the book, a letter to the reviewer with specifics about the book such as print run, price, ISBN, distributors, and a press release. We also can include a longer biography of the author, such as the one we sent out with Pratt’s book.

These efforts are a bit like slow-motion fishing…it may take 6 months or a year, but we seem to garner about 6 reviews for each book we publish.

Here’s a little about the importance of small presses, from Ruth Eckles’ interview of Jeanne Leiby in 2007.

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