Hola and Goodbye


Donna Miscolta
Hola and Goodbye: Una Familia in Stories

ISBN: 978-0-932112-64-4
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In 1920s Southern California, Lupita Camacho leaves Mexico and settles not far from the border—and so begins the journey of an American family through three generations: from fish cannery jobs and halting English, to the first generation’s striving for assimilation, complete with dreams of kidney-shaped inground pools, then on to the wide-open lives of the grandchildren: a karaoke barkeep, twin female wrestling champs, a beauty who applies makeup even in the mental hospital. While Lupita adjusts to her new country, her American-born children must make peace
with lives that never quite match the pages of Ladies Home Journal. Finally, though distanced from their ancestors’ culture and freed from the stigma of accented English, Lupita’s grandchildren discover that they somehow remain set apart. In fifteen exquisitely human stories, these family members face progress and failure against the backdrop of each new generation—bound together, and to us all, by the search for a place in this world.

Early Praise for Hola and Goodbye: Una Familia in Stories

Hola and Goodbye is a marvelous and assured story collection. Each story is surprising, moving, humorous, and smart. With deftness and nuance, Miscolta captures three generations of one American family and their sometimes-flawed humanity as each generation works to find their place in the world. There is a poignancy as every generation, with their singular desires, strives to create their own lives, all while experiencing different kinds of dislocation. Miscolta isn’t afraid to tackle race or gender?she is unflinching. This book tells a new kind of immigrant story, a new kind of story about what it means to be a family. This is a superb collection whose range is not only impressive, it’s remarkable.

—Nina McConigley, author of Cowboys and East Indians


Donna Miscolta brings the old streets to burning life. I can hear these voices, I can smell the cooking. The ghosts step out of these alleys as if they’d never left. Wonderful stuff.

—Luis Urrea, author of Into the Beautiful North and Queen of America


“Life,” Donna Miscolta writes in Hola and Goodbye, “was not about running away, but running toward something.” The characters in this intricately linked and exquisitely structured collection of stories do just that.  For better or worse, they rush toward life, future-minded despite the past whispering from behind, and fueled by the clashing forces that make us human—courage and recklessness, wisdom and hope, the need to belong and the undeniable instinct to strike out on your own.  Miscolta writes with the precision demanded by the short story, but with the range, scope, and generosity we crave in the novel, and what results is an unforgettable reading experience. Hola and Goodbye is a thoroughly satisfying book from a very talented writer.

—Lysley Tenorio, author of Monstress

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