Little Domesday Clock

Sam Witt
Little Domesday Clock

ISBN: 978-0-932112-79-8
Price: $16.95  Sale: $15.25

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Early Praise for Little Domesday Clock

Signs and wonders tenant the desert sky in this modern prophetic book, massive and molten as the core of a collapsed reactor; volatile, powerful and awe-inspiring as the combustion of the sun. Sam Witt’s visionary text occupies every corner of the imagination with code, data, errata, erasures, subtweets, footnotes, actions and redactions intent on turning us from the brink of global catastrophe. “Thank you,” he writes, “for forgiving my spatial, temporal, physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural Dis functions,” in what is surely the most intelligent and moving poetry on the human casualties of war and “industry.” This is a profoundly wrought distress signal, a flare lighting the scene of our deepest crisis.

— D. A. Powell


Is it possible for a book to be both terrifying and enchanting? Little Domesday Clock is—it invents our moment for us.

— David Rivard
Little Domesday Clock is a brilliant, sweeping book which, like a time machine, transports a reader back and forth across boundaries of nation and history and, in doing so, exposes and indicts the human agency behind disaster.

— Lynn Emanuel


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