Jeanne M. Leiby, 1964-2011
Downriver: Short Stories
ISBN 978-0-932112-55-2
2007 Doris Bakwin Award Winner, selected by Quinn Dalton
Price $14.95 Sale $13.45

PDF of the original Press Release for Downriver, October, 2007

Sad News

Writer dies on Interstate 10 near Iberville (Associated Press Report)

A memorial essay by Andrew Ervin at his blog.


An interview with Jeanne Leiby by Ruth Eckles, October, 2007. Playlist is here.

The audience is growing, not shrinking,” an interview with Jeanne Leiby by Shawn Vestal at bark

Interview with Jeanne Leiby by Sam Armstrong on Vimeo


Adam Sobsey reviews Downriver in The NC Independent, October, 2007

“Short and frisky,” by Marianne Villaneuva in The Women’s Review of Books, January 1, 2009 (no link available)

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