Poetry and Prose

Gene Fowler Quiet Poems
ISBN 0-932112-12-7 Paperback (1982). $5.00 Sale

Elaine L. Goolsby and Graham G. Campbell Letter in a Bottle
ISBN 0-932112-32-3 Paperback (1991). $5.00 Sale

Judy Hogan Light Food
ISBN 0-941179-24-9 Paperback (1989). $5.00 Sale

Judy Hogan Sun-Blazoned (poems)
ISBN 0-916324-11-7 Paperback (1983). $5.00 Sale

Judy Hogan Watering the Roots in a Democracy: A Manual on How to Combine Literature and Writing in the Public Library
ISBN 0-932112-28-5 Paperback (1989). $5.00 Sale

Judy Hogan, ed. A Living Culture in Durham: A Collection of Writings by Durham Area Authors
ISBN 0-932112-24-2 Paperback (1987). $5.00 Sale

Mary Kratt The Only Thing I Fear Is a Cow and a Drunken Man
ISBN 0-932112-29-3 Paperback (1991). $5.00 Sale

C. Eric Lincoln This Road Since Freedom: Collected Poems
ISBN 0-932112-31-5 Paperback (1990). $5.00 Sale

Agnes McDonald, ed. Journey Proud: Southern Women’s Personal Writings
ISBN 0-932112-36-6 Paperback (1994). $5.00 Sale

Sharon Ramirez Brinktown
ISBN 0-932112-12-9 Paperback (1981). $5.00 Sale

Rebecca Ranson Elmatha’s Apology
ISBN 0-932112-21-8 Paperback (1985). $5.00 Sale

Gloree Rogers Love, or a Reasonable Facsimile (memoir-fiction)
ISBN 0-932112-27-7 Paperback (1989). $5.00 Sale

Randee Russell Bombs
ISBN 0-932112-14-5 Paperback (1982). $5.00 Sale

Margaret Stephens Brother’s Keeper, Sister’s Child
ISBN 0-932112-26-9 Paperback (1989). $5.00 Sale

Laura P. Valtorta Family Meal
ISBN 0-932112-33-1 Paperback (1993). $5.00 Sale

Children’s Titles

Mary Atkinson (author), Christine Engla Eber (illustrator) Maria Teresa
ISBN 0-914996-21-5 Paperback (1979). $5.00 Sale

Kim Westsmith Chapman (author), Kitty Riley Clark (illustrator) The Magic Hat
ISBN 0-914996-10-X Paperback (1976). $5.00 Sale

Carol Depoix Jo, Flo, and Yolanda
ISBN 0-91499-604-5 Paperback (1973). $5.00 Sale

Margrit Eichler (author), Bev Magennis (illustrator) Martin’s Father
ISBN 0-914996-17-7/0-914996-16-9 Paperback (1977). $5.00 Sale

Nancy Hazen (author and illustrator) Grownups Cry Too/Los Adultos Tambien Lloran
ISBN 0-914996-19-3 Bilingual Paperback (1978). $5.00 Sale

Dianne Homan (author), Mary Heine (illustrator) In Christina’s Toolbox/En la Caja de Herramientas de Cristina
ISBN 0-914996-28-2 Bilingual Paperback (1994). $5.00 Sale

Phyllis Johnson (author), Lena Shiffman (illustrator) The Boy Toy
ISBN 0-914996-26-6 Paperback (1988). $5.00 Sale

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